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Enhance Your Business's Flyers by Embossing Some of the Words Printed on Them

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If a printing company designed some basic flyers for your business, enhance some of the words printed on them with embossing ink and powder. Once finished, the words that were embossed will be raised up and will help the flyers stand out. Your advertisements will attract the attention of potential customers. 

Use the Following Materials

  • metal tray
  • embossing ink
  • embossing powder
  • thin paintbrush
  • heat gun
  • rubber gloves
  • bowl

Add Ink and Powder

Place one of the flyers in a metal tray. Pour some embossing ink into a bowl. Use a thin paintbrush to apply the ink to some of the words that are printed on the flyer. Emboss important areas such as your business name and address  Embossing ink takes longer to dry than standard ink, so take your time while completing this step so that the ink remains inside of the edges of each letter. Sprinkle embossing powder over the areas that contain ink.

If you are going to use several colors of embossing powder on the flyers, apply one color and heat it up with the gun before moving on to another color. After the areas with ink are covered with the first color of powder, lift the flyer up vertically so that the extra embossing powder will come off of the paper's surface. The extra powder that is collected on the tray can be placed back into a container for future use. 

Heat Up the Powder

Hold a heat gun directly over the first flyer, several inches away from the powder. Heat up the powder until it melts and forms a smooth, raised surface. This will only take a couple minutes. Do not hold the gun over the paper for too long in one spot because the heat from the gun may cause the paper to become discolored.

As soon as all of the powder has melted and the treated area appears more prominent the rest of the paper, move the gun to another section that is covered with powder. Continue heating up the powder covered surfaces and adding the other colors of power until all of the desired words are enhanced. 

After all of the embossing is finished, hand out your newly enhanced business flyers with confidence. Hang some up on bulletin boards or in local businesses in your community. People will be drawn to your original advertisements. For additional information, talk to a printing service for tips.