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Building A Frame For Your Artwork

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Some pieces of custom artwork are not made in the standard size, and this can make finding the right frame a difficult task. If you want to build a frame of your own to fit that perfect art piece, or you just want to build something that is custom made by you, it's easy to do it yourself with the right tools and a little handiwork. Read on to learn how to make your own handmade custom frame.

Gathering Materials

When you've decided to build a frame, there's a few things you will need to gather together before you start. First, you will need a large piece of acrylic or glass which will go over the artwork. Make sure the piece is larger than the artwork itself so you can cut it to size. You will also need wood for the outer frame (you can choose any type you like), glue (this can be wood glue, epoxy, or acrylic), wood finish, some 1/2" screws, painter's tape, and spray adhesive. You'll also need a power saw to cut the wood. Make sure you find a work space with plenty of room and ventilation.

Mount the Artwork

Before you build the frame itself, you need to securely mount your artwork to a sturdy backing. Choose from heavy duty cardboard, construction paper, or anything rigid that will hold it in place. Spray the adhesive on the back of your artwork, and then carefully lay it onto the backing. Go slowly and be sure to avoid creating any bubbles as you smooth it down onto the backing. The backing should be slightly larger than the art, and once the glue has dried, you can cut away any excess. Cut the piece of glass or acrylic to measure the exact size of your mounted artwork.

Building the Frame

Take the pieces of wood you've chosen and cut them into pieces that measure correctly around the length and width of your artwork. You will need two pieces of each for the top, bottom, and both sides. Saw each end of the wood at a 45-degree angle so the pieces will fit together when you're finished. It's best to cut each piece a bit longer at first so you can be sure they will fit together correctly. You can always saw off more if you need to, but if you cut it too short, it won't fit and you'll have to start over. After you have cut all four pieces, glue them carefully together using wood glue or epoxy and let them thoroughly dry. Then, apply finish to the wood frame with the color of your choice. Once that's dry, you can insert your mounted artwork and cut glass or acrylic into the frame and hang your new handmade frame up for all to enjoy. 

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