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Three Ways To Save Money On Your Wedding Invitations

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Weddings can be very expensive. Most people try to save money on their wedding wherever they can so that they do not end up having to pay an arm and a leg for their big day. If you are looking to save money when planning your wedding, consider using the most basic of wedding invitations so that you pay the least amount that you can for them. The following guide walks you through a few ways to save money on the wedding invitations you have printed for your wedding.

Ask for No RSVP Cards to be Created

When you send wedding invitations to guests, there is often a small RSVP card that is included in the invitations, along with an envelope for your guests to mail back to you that lets you know if they will be attending, how many people they plan to bring with them, and what they would like to eat. Instead of having these cards created, add a small note at the bottom of your wedding invitation to email RSVPs to a specific email address. This way you can look back to the emails when needed and do not have to pay the extra money for the RSVP cards.

Pass on Any Added Embellishments

When you order wedding invitations, you can often have embellishments added to the invitations to make them flashier. Choose the most basic design that you can if you want to pay the least for the wedding invitations that you possibly can. You do not need to add ribbon, bows, or glitter to the invitations.

Choose a Basic Design

When choosing the design of the invitations, you want them to be as basic as you can. You do not want to add a lot of imagery to the invitations and want to keep the wording to a minimal. Many printers charge per word when it comes to the invitations so keeping the invites as brief as you can will save you money.

When you have the invitations printed, be sure to look them over thoroughly before having them massively printed. Once they are printed, choose to stuff them yourself rather than having the printing company stuff them for you. Many companies will stuff the envelopes for you for a fee, but you can save money by stuffing them yourself. When you meet with the printers be sure to ask them if they have any invitations on clearance or on sale so that you can save even more money on the overall cost. Talk with a company like Print Source today for more ideas.