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5 Key Marketing Pieces Your Window Cleaning Business Needs To Beat Out The Competition

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To the average person, window cleaning may seem like a summer job for college kids instead of the skilled trade that it is. When marketing your window cleaning business to both commercial and residential customers, use marketing pieces just like any other company would. Try some of the ideas below to grow your business. 

1. 6 x 9 Postcards: Direct mail marketing is expensive. Don't waste your money on tiny postcards. They get lost in the shuffle. Instead, invest in custom postcards that are 6 x 9 inches or larger. The larger size is eye-catching and stands out from the sea of bills and grocery store fliers that fill up American mailboxes every day.  

2. Folded IRC: A folded IRC, or instant redeemable coupon, is most often seen in grocery stores. Products have coupons that you peel off and redeem at the register. There is no reason you can't employ this same idea to window cleaning services. You could use an IRC to get customers to upgrade from an outside-only cleaning to an in-and-out service, or you could incorporate an IRC into your next postcard mailing so the customer can break off a perforated coupon and save money. Anytime you get them to interact with your mailer, you will increase your ROI. 

3. Car Magnets: If you can't afford a custom printed wrap for your truck, get a car magnet. Any printer can make one for you. They are an inexpensive way to not only identify your car to customers as you pull into their driveway, but also to market your services to the neighbors and anyone else that sees you on the road. 

4. Window Clings: There is no better marketing product for a window cleaner than a window cling. After cleaning the kitchen window, place a small, re-positionable window cling discretely in the corner. It has to be small enough not to distract anyone's view, but large enough so they remember who to call for clean windows.

5. Magnetic Business Cards: While you should hand out regular business cards to everyone you meet, you need to step up your game. Magnetic business cards are a great investment and can be used in two ways. When you are finishing up the paperwork with a customer, ask if you can put a magnet on their fridge. It's a great way to keep your name and services in the forefront of their mind. Window cleaners can't work in the rain, but they can drive around and put magnetic business cards on all the mailboxes. While you can't put anything in a mailbox without having sent it through the mail, you can put a magnet on a metal mailbox. 

The key to marketing your window cleaning business is quite simple: Always be marketing.