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4 Tips For Professional Packaging

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If you're starting a small business that requires you to make shipments, you should pay attention to the quality of your shipping supplies. While your product is the most important thing, the package you send it in will also make an impression. Make sure that first impression is a good one by using high-quality packing materials. Here are four tips to help you achieve professional quality packaging:

1. Utilize bubble wrap.

If you're shipping fragile goods, you want to make sure your merchandise gets to your customer in one piece. Don't use crumpled newspaper or magazine pages, since that can look messy and unprofessional. Pad your packaging using bubble wrap for a clean and professional look. If the item you're shipping is too large to be wrapped in bubble wrap, Styrofoam packing material is an acceptable alternative.

2. Invest in pre-printed shipping labels.

You'll need to include a return address and shipping address on your package. While you could write the addresses by hand, that can look amateurish, even if you have excellent handwriting. Invest in pre-printed shipping labels that have your company's name and logo on them. These labels are inexpensive, but they'll instantly elevate the look of your packaging.

3. Include a packing list.

A packing list can help you ensure that you send all the merchandise that needs to be shipped. It can also help your customers see that they received all of the products they ordered. Save time by using an integrated shipping label. These labels are printed directly onto your packing list, with an adhesive portion that peels off to be stuck to the package. The adhesive portion contains the shipping address, which ensures that each shipment is sent to the right location. This method leaves no room for guessing or mistakes.

4. Never reuse boxes.

When you're sending packages to your family and friends, it's economical to reuse old boxes by scratching out the old mailing addresses. When you're sending packages to your customers, you should always use new boxes that were purchased for just that purpose. If you have to go looking for a box at the last minute, you will probably end up paying more, so make sure to stock up ahead of time. You can save money by purchasing cardboard boxes in bulk. Make sure to choose the box size that most closely fits your product, since extra space can look sloppy.

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