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How Homeschoolers Can Use Digital Printing Services

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As a homeschooler, you know that even if things are free, they still need printing. You have worksheets, curriculum books, attachments, games, and even projects. All of these items need some form of printing. This is made increasingly vital when you consider that you have to print out items for different subjects as well as for general record keeping. One of your options is to use a professional digital printing service rather than printing things at home. Here are some ways to use a digital printing service and what to know before you do.

Record-Keeping Files

Homeschool educators have several files they must have for recordkeeping. Some of these files are used within the homeschool only. Other files may be used in the homeschool with copies sent to the Department of Education or a local education department for proof of education. These files include attendance records, transcripts, grade reports, and testing results. You can send all of these to a digital printing service and have them print them as well as place them in a binding of your choice to make organizing the items easier. 

Art Projects

Most children will experience art in some way or another during each homeschool year. Art projects can be very relaxing for children and can also be a form of therapy for some. The problem is that a simple coloring book page may not be enough. You may have larger art projects or projects that have several printables for cut and paste steps. This can become costly if you are trying to print them at home. A digital printing service can offer color printing options, matte or glossy paper, and other graphic design upgrades to make your art projects last and work out better than traditional printing options offer. 

Memory Books

During the course of a school year, you may have several homeschool field trips. You can take pictures during the field trip and then group them together for a memory book. The memory book can have areas where your child can write summaries of where they went, what happened, or a special memory they have of the event. You can also turn these memory books into an activity book. Send the template, with the pictures already in place, to your digital printing service to create the type of memory or photo book you want. 

When you are ready to use a digital printing service for your homeschooling needs, gather your items. Make sure you have them sorted by subject in pdf form. This will make loading the documents to the service easier. It will also help keep you organized to ensure you aren't double or even triple printing an item or forgetting an item totally.