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Custom Wrestling Shirt Ideas For Live Events

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When you attend a live wrestling event, you will see two things from many fans: custom signs and pro wrestling T-shirts. A wrestling shirt is a great way to celebrate your favorite wrestler, event, or catchphrase. Instead of purchasing an official shirt, you can stand out from the crowd with a custom design.

Learn about some custom wrestling shirt options and use the ideas to come up with some custom creations of your own. Once you have an idea, a screen printing service can help bring your T-shirt to life.

Wrestler Quote Shirts

Wrestlers are known for their iconic quotes and catchphrases through the years. Screen printing services can provide basic text on a shirt to emulate your favorite quote. You can wear a shirt with a short quote or a longer speech. You also have multiple font options to help the quote stand out.

Along with specific wrestlers, you can use quotes from fans. Simple phrases like "Pin him!" or "This is awesome!" are great ways to get fans excited and showcase your pro wrestling pride with a custom shirt.

Declaration T-Shirts

Declare your wrestling favorites with a simple screen-printed shirt that showcases a declaration. Something simple like "Here for the steel cage" or "Here for the tag teams" is a fun way to celebrate your favorite parts of pro-wrestling. You can simply fill in the blank with many options.

If you are attending a pro wrestling event with a group, then each person can use the same theme and fill in the end with their own answer. The shirts can all have a different color base as well. Play around with designs and come up with fun creations to wear at multiple events.

Hashtag Shirts

Hashtags are a vital part of sharing pro wrestling content on social media, and you can join in on the fun with a custom hashtag shirt. You could create your own hashtag and hope other fans use the hashtag when you wear the shirt. For example, you can have a shirt created with a hashtag featuring the venue or your favorite wrestler's name.

While you're at the event, you can post pictures of yourself in the shirt and then follow the hashtag online. For televised events, your hashtag may even appear on television. Come up with a unique option that applies to you.

You can wear the same shirt at multiple events or order a new screen printed shirt each time you attend a different live event.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers screen printing services.