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Religious Designs To Consider For Custom Holiday Stationery

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Some people buy conventional packages of stationery as the holidays approach, with the plan to send handwritten letters to several acquaintances. If you enjoy writing letters at this festive time of the year but you want your messages to have more of a custom look, you may wish to consider ordering custom stationery. In addition to featuring your family name and perhaps even your mailing address at the top of the paper, you can choose what holiday-themed images will be printed on it as well. If your family is religious, you may want to stay away from images such as Santa Claus and reindeer. Here are some options that may appeal to you.

Nativity Scene

A lot of people decorate their homes around the holidays with decor pieces that feature the nativity scene, and this scene can also work well as the design on your custom holiday stationery. The design can be as simple or as elaborate as you wish. For something understated, you might want black silhouettes of the characters in the nativity scene. For something more vibrant, consider an image in which each of the characters from this scene is visible in full color.


A cross can also be a key symbol to feature in the design of religious-themed package holiday stationery. Think about how you want the cross to look, and also what elements might help to give the design a holiday feel — even if it's an understated one. For example, you might like each sheet of paper to feature a cross rendering with some snowflakes around it, which will tie into the season without being too commercial.


Another design that can work well is to have your stationery feature a quote that relates to Christmas. There are all sorts of quotes that can work well, and you can have fun taking your time thinking of a phrase that you want to appear. You might choose a sequence of words from one of your favorite holiday hymns, for example, or look to the Bible for a quote that you feel is important to keep in mind during this time of the year. The quote can appear in various ways on the stationery, but a popular option is to have it at the bottom of each page.

If you're interested in ordering custom holiday stationery in one of these designs, or you wish to explore some other ideas, reach out to a custom printing company.